Welcome To My World

Welcome, one and all, to my new blog. I hope to turn these humble bits of binary data into a bastion of free speech, a virtual boudoir, a bildungsroman, a bulletin for boys bad in bed, a burlesque against high society, a broadcast of beauty, a bounty of briefings, and beyond. Too much to ask of a boolean bit? Perhaps. But if you enjoy reading these posts a fraction as much as I enjoy writing them, my mission is successful.

I anticipate several types of posts over the coming months. Campus commentary will issue scorn against various blunders and task forces, and on rare occasion, praise of the Administration. Political punditry will shed light on current events. Game notes will provide advice for aspiring pickup artists, as well as personal experiences, though nothing too personal. Speaking of personal, my personal reflections on miscellania will punctuate the rest. And when I’m so inclined, I’ll spam you with links.

So… why Flight of the Prince? Because the Flight of the Conchords domain was already taken at WordPress, Blogspot, and Tumblr? Well, yes. But it also reflects a few other things. It shows that I am a Prince, or at least have a high sense of self worth. It references my studies at what was once the highest-ranked school in America. It shows that I love trolling that student newspaper of record. And, most importantly, it references chapter 28 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In that chapter, Snape commits the awful crime of Dumbledorecide, then flees the school that gave him everything. That sums up my life pretty well.

In the meantime, I leave you with a word of warning. While I may be vitriolic, untraditional, and all sorts of nasty adjectives, I will do my best to keep the tone as civil and respectful as possible. I expect any readers or commenters to do the same. Threatening speech or racism will not be tolerated. When in doubt, refer to the IT policy. Reading it just might save you.

Oh, and Justice for Calvo.



About Flight of the Conchords

I am the sole guardian of truth and sanity in a world of lies.

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